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Whenever I hear the word LIMITLESS the first thing that comes in my mind is the science fiction movie entitled “Limitless.” The story was about an out-of-work writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. Thus, his life was not limitless at all for the drug that he takes has limitation. Nonetheless, the true meaning of LIMITLESS is when you embrace God’s love and live God’s life.




The credit for the success of our youthfest goes to our almighty Father whose love and power is limitless and of course to His instruments who answered His invitation. Despite of the challenges we faced testing our faith and great love for Him we still had our victorious Limitless Youthfest in our district, Ozamis. And I would like to say my heartfelt thanks to those who helped us financially and spiritually.

Everything happens for a purpose, now I know that the reason behind why God let our district to have our youthfest exclusive for us is to strengthen our relationship with each other and most especially our relationship with Him. Upon observing my brothers and sisters I would say that they have let God work in their lives. As their Ate, my happiness is immeasurable. Yung tipong ramdam nila ang pagmamahal ng Diyos sa kanila.




I attended the youthfest with an extra baggage about my studies, the fear not to graduate the next semester however, God took the yoke away and replaced it with the feeling of being loved, being assured that nothing is to worry about and a boundless happiness. Three years of being a district servant I can testify that our members is growing in the Holy Spirit, that their lives have been changed. In spite of the fact that there were times financial instabilities would hinder them from serving in Youth Camps, and attending our activities they would really strive hard to find a way in order to serve because they experienced God’s love in them.

Even in the simplest things that they do you would feel that God is with them indeed, they are dedicated and committed YFL’s. Walang humpay ang aking nadaramang kaligahayan hindi lang dahil sa sobrang galing ni Lord sa buhay ko kundi dahil sobrang galing ni Lord sa buhay ng mga YFL-Ozamis at sa buhay nating lahat. [That’s why] even the sky is not the limit for God had promised a limitless love, grace, and a life full of hope.

Shared by Merry Airrene Hortelano, District of Ozamis

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