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Faith is believing even when you don’t see it. Faith is trusting even others are not. Faith is claiming victory even if things looks impossible. Our theme for this year is about Faith, and true enough, it becomes personal to every people, especially for me.


I have experienced God’s faithfulness through the YFL Conference last April 5 to 7 at Lucban, Quezon. It was really a blast! Many YFL members all over the Philippines and International gathered in one place to celebrate God’s faithfulness and His undying love. This conference has been a faith adventure for me starting from the preparation, during [the event] and after the event; believing that everything will happen according to God’s plan.

This faith adventure started when we were finding venue for the conference. I really prayed to God that He may lead us to the right venue wherein He will show His greatness to His people. Then, He led us to SLSU in Lucban. Lucban is an upland area surrounded by mountains, which means there is no definite weather, locals say that the weather is either “wet or very wet”. How can a conference be held in an open area that always rain? Is this where you are leading us Lord? Then so be it, I’ll just put my trust in you. The preparation went well, doing things that were never done before, dreaming of things that never dreamt before, and pushing ourselves beyond our limit. All these things was because of the love of God and our love for God. There may be uncertainties throughout the preparation but with faith in God, everything is certain you just have to believe in Him.


The YFL conference went really well. Many YFLs saw how great our God is; they’ve experienced  a life like no other, they’ve witnessed lives change, they saw miracles right before their very eyes! Truly, God is present everywhere.

Now, I’m very excited on how God will work more in my life, in my family, and in my service. I am now bolder and more confident that everything will happen if you just put your faith in Him. True enough, Faith really works wonders! That is why,  with faith,  we can really set this world on FIRE!

By Kuya Julius Eguia,
YFL Fulltime Pastoral Worker

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