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So you’ve got three wise men in glamorous costumes, flashing “bling-blings” and carrying gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh. Like any regular folk, you try to figure out the definition of a cryptic word such as epiphany. Little do you know that the celebrated feast is one embedded with significant meaning to the Catholic Church.

For one, the epiphany represents Christ’s divine manifestation to mankind. It is the first of three significant events in the life of Christ wherein He reveals that He is the Son of God; the other two being the baptism of Christ in the Jordan and the first miracle of Jesus in Cana. Another important idea brought about by the aforementioned feast, is the kind of kingship that Christ introduced to the world. For the longest time, the Israelites believed that they were God’s chosen people, and that salvation (from the Romans and from the devil) only belonged to them. By calling three wise men to see the newly born Son of God so that they may witness God’s revelation of himself first-hand, it concretizes that the Gentiles (considering that the Magi came from different places/backgrounds) are also welcome in the kingdom of God. The Epiphany also highlights the importance of the light of Christ coming into the world.

For the longest time, the world had dwelt in darkness, awaiting a king. The Epiphany continues to emphasize the coming of Christ as a light into the world. Like the three wise men, who went through the long, arduous journey in the hopes of seeing Jesus, and finding their lives never the same again, we too are called to be courageous in following God’s call to meet Him, and carry His light to the darkest parts of the world. We have seen Him, recognized our Ruler and King in human form; it is not right that we do not share the joy of seeing Christ our Savior.

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