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My car broke down again this morning!  My wife, my kid and I were supposed to go to my kid’s trial school today.  It just suddenly broke down.  At 6 in the morning, with all the car shops still closed, and nothing to turn to, my first instinct was to call my dad.  Yes, you read it right, I called my dad.  At 31 years old, given any sign of car trouble, I still call my dad.  You see, my dad is a mechanic.  He knows a lot about cars. To top it all, he is even the first owner of my car! From the moment I called him, he knew exactly what to do.  When he said “I’m on my way there,” it gave me a sense of peace that everything would be okay.  You know why? It’s because I called an expert and in addition to that, the expert was my dad!  What a great comfort!

Who my dad is to me is who God is to all of us!  HE is not only the expert, but He is the Creator of all.  What comfort it is to know that at one call of God’s name, He will actually come running to your rescue!  The next time anything breaks down in your life, call your Dad, your heavenly Father!  He sure knows what to do!  He will give you peace and you can be sure that everything will be okay!

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