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When I started working, I took a portion of my salary every cut-off for the things I had been planning to buy. Saving enough allowed me to mindlessly scroll through different online shops so I could finally buy the things I’ve been dreaming of. When I found the exact furniture that I want at a lesser cost, I immediately messaged the seller. I found out how good the item’s condition was. While conversing with her, I was in the middle of an errand and it took me some time to respond to her. A few minutes after, she informed me that she already sold it. It was heartbreaking since it was a great catch and I could have saved tons and made my furniture hunting easier. 

Unexpectedly, the seller messaged me again, informing me that the prospect buyer canceled their transaction. She asked me if I was still interested in buying the furniture, and I quickly said yes. We agreed on terms, except for one thing – the mode of payment. Because it was a large amount of money, my parents advised me that it would be safer to have the furniture be paid once I have received it. In her end, she would like to receive the money first before shipping out the furniture. This left me with a dilemma if I should trust her with this amount of money. Won’t I be scammed online?

I realized then that if I wouldn’t trust her, nothing will ever happen. I may free myself from the fear of getting scammed, yet I will not be able to acquire the furniture I’ve been dreaming of. With this realization, I transferred the amount to her account, comforting myself that God will not allow things to happen just to hurt me. After a few hours, I have received the furniture in good condition.

With what’s happening in the world, it makes us doubt the people we encounter and hinder us from seeing the good in other people. But this experience made me realize three beautiful things about trust. 

First, we need to trust that no one could take things away from us if these were really made for us. The world may block our sight in seeing how God orchestrated things to happen but be assured because He will make way for His plans to take place. If He made it for us, it would always be for us. 

Secondly, there may be times that it will be hard to trust because we couldn’t guarantee that it will indeed happen. Yet the Lord is calling us to trust the people He sent. Trust, even when our minds are doubtful. Trust, even when our hearts are worried. Trust, because even when things are uncertain. We have a certain God who will never forsake us. 

Finally, let us be confident in trusting, especially our Lord Jesus. He is a God who never forgets and a God who knows the deepest desires of our hearts. The world may give us all the wrong reasons to make us unbelieving but be assured that He will provide us with every good thing that we deserve in His perfect time. 

This is our calling – trust God with all our hearts, minds, and souls. No matter what circumstances we are in, we need to give our all in trusting the Lord. After all, He is the surest of all the sure things. 

May God be praised.

Gilora Rabago is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the area of NCR East.

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