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We are several months into community quarantine and with the progress that we’re seeing now in managing the virus, we may not be nearing the end of the fight yet. This year really is a tough one. Definitely unprecedented or something we never imagined happening in our lives. But, this is reality and some of my major realizations during this whole experience is to focus on what’s essential and to let go of the things I have no control over. To be honest, these didn’t dawn on me easily and I’m still in the process of allowing God to take care of everything in my life and to turn things around for all us. 

Nobody knows how to live through this pandemic and it’s scary not knowing when things will go back to normal – or if the world will ever be the same again. Earlier into the quarantine, I found myself going in circles and dwelling on what I could have done better before the pandemic hit – maybe I should’ve seen my relatives and friends more often, maximized my mission trips more, or traveled to more places when I still could. More than that, I obsessed over what could have been if the virus was managed better – physical conferences and assemblies could have been held, occasions could have been celebrated together, and having meetings and classes could have been less stressful. All these thoughts ran in my head over and over that I just found myself anxious and helpless. I focused my energy on things I can’t control and lost grip on the One who does.

Mother Teresa says, “Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.” There really is no point of dwelling on the past because there’s no going back and there’s definitely no certainty of the future. If we worry so much about them, we may never find the courage to move on and to truly live. What matters is what we focus on today and how we strive to see God in the simplicity of our daily routines. One thing I missed during the earlier part of the pandemic is the attitude of gratitude – I did not fully embrace the truth that God has been working in my life despite the many things going sideways, even in the world in general. I believe that what the Lord has been teaching me is to look not only on what is happening around me but to lift my eyes higher and to fix them on Him. He is constantly reminding me that if we see this season in His perspective, we will realize that there is security in His power and we only need to put our full trust in Him. If we leave it up to ourselves to understand everything that’s happening, we may never find the wisdom and peace we long for. In all our questions, there is no other answer than Christ Himself. 

We have no certainty if our situation will be better in the coming months or even until next year. But whatever happens, there is no other way than to cast our worries aside, rest upon the Lord, and let Him transform us especially during this difficult time. Let us not worry about our past and what is to come. We only need to focus on how to live each day glorifying the Lord and trusting that He has a hold of our lives. Surrender everything to Him and remember to live because we have only today, so let us begin. 

Azel Lorena is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the LIT Program.

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