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I am blessed to have so many sets of friends.  I have friends from grade school (wow! those friendships started in the 90’s), from the youth group i was in in college, and friends in community.  Some friends are my age (our kids are friends too) and some are younger than me.  I feel so privileged to be blessed with these people in my life.  Why? Because they influence me to be a better person, teach me to be closer to the Lord and make my life fun and exciting!  I consider them treasures that no amount of money can buy.

How do I treasure them?  I try to be a good friend to them too.  I try to be there when they need me. I try to point them to Jesus and share my life to them. I fail sometimes; but i never stop on becoming their friend.  I may lack financially, but boy in the “friendship department” i feel like i am Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Donald Trump.  I am rich with friends and that is what matters in life.  In the end, you cannot bring all your gadgets, your money or your cars to the grave, what will matter is how many people’s lives you have touch because of your friendship.

So i challenge you, choose your friends (friends that will make you a better person and can lead you closer to God), treasure them (never forget them) and become good friends to them too.  You will never regret it.

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