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I have a confession to make. This year’s Summer House Training was a lot different for me. It was my very first SHOUT as a District Kid’s Ate of Batangas. This is new to me because for the past three years I was attending SHOUT as a Cluster Servant and never have I ever imagined being given a new service. I brought my empty heart ready to be filled for the whole week although it was not easy for me due to the baggages I left at home.



To me, saying yes to this call wasn’t easy. At first I doubted myself because I know that I lack knowledge when it comes to the said service. I know little about Kids for Family and Life. Second, I felt unworthy because I know that there are people who are more deserving than I am. Third, I have a lot of personal concerns. I was asking myself if I will really be of service to the ministry. Lastly, it is not my comfort zone. I have been serving the Lord through YFL for 3 years as a cluster servant and it is hard for me to adjust. I was asking the Lord every night, “Why me?”

Through this SHOUT, He answered my question with “Why not?”. God made me realize that He is the one who chose me and it is all for the greater glory of Him. Over all those doubts and fears that I have, I have Him. I also realized that I need to be generous in this service of love. No matter where the Lord takes me, I know that He will never leave me. He’s with me as I swim against the tide and as I jump out of my comfort zone.



The Lord said to me “I have been loving you”. From that moment, I became excited to love even more. Our Lord filled my heart with hope and love that I cannot even contain and I cannot wait to share with the people and kids that the Lord have been loving. Through His grace, I am loved and I will love.

Bhavie Arimuhunan
District of Batangas

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