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When we want something to happen but it does not go the way we want, we usually cry and ask the Lord why. When we pour our love for the people around us but it is not reciprocated, we usually doubt ourselves and ask the Lord what’s wrong. When we dream and long of going through experiences that we perceive would benefit us but were not given to us, we usually think of quitting, and ask the Lord what He wants us to do.

All of these bring us frustration, doubt, and even discomfort. But will the Lord ever stop the pain that we’re going through? Will He just take away everything that makes us feel hurt? Will He just let us suffer? Will He just turn His blind eye to what we are experiencing? 

NO. He embraces us. He wants us to stop crying. He keeps on saying, “Tahan na.” He can’t take it when we can’t handle ourselves. He looks into our eyes and says “Anak, nandito Ako. (My Child, I am here.)

“I will be with you; and this shall be your proof that it is I who have sent you.” (Exodus 3:12)

Just like the calling of Moses, in this life of being set apart, God did not promise us comfort and a no-pain journey. He promises us His presence, His guidance. He wants us to trust Him that He handles everything well – according to His timing and purpose. He wants us to trust Him that we are in safe hands, and everything happens for our welfare. We just have to embrace the grace of humility in order to recognize and accept all these.

God recognizes us. He is mindful of us. He loves us. That’s why we have to remember that wherever we are, God promises that He will see us through. He wants us to be with Him on this journey. Partake in His invitation with humility.

O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee.

Ate Jovel Autor is a Full Time Missionary in MFC Youth. She is also the Zone Coordinator of Visayas and the program coordinator of MFC HIGH.

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