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A Book Reflection of “The Inscrutable Wisdom of God” by Frank Padilla

The word “fool” is definitely something that one does not want to be called. If we look at the meaning of this word, it means “a person lacking in judgment or prudence”. When someone does an action that seems different, irrational, or incomprehensible, we call that person a fool. Because we do not want to be called this way, we tend to follow a set of “unspoken rules” laid down by our friends, our family, and by society so we know how to behave and not act foolish. It’s rational to want to follow these rules so that we do not become a fool among people and so that we know how to behave and act properly in any situation.

The world teaches us a lot of things to not be labeled as a fool; however, if we compare this to what God usually for us we become stuck in a position where it contradicts the teachings the world has taught us. To become a great leader is to become a servant, to become a powerful person one must be weak, to experience true joy one must be willing to suffer are just of these teachings that the Lord teaches us. If we look into the wisdom the Lord wants us to have in scriptures, we find many contradictions between what God wants and what the world wants. Oftentimes we end up asking the question “… but why?” stunned and unable to fully grasp these teachings and messages. The wisdom of the Lord overwhelms us, disturbs us, and challenges us into thinking what must be done to come closer to Christ.

In all honesty as I read the book, I’ve come to realize I cannot totally comprehend the wisdom behind God’s wisdom. His ways are above my ways and His vision is beyond my own. What I can comprehend however is that I have to act in order to live out the wisdom of the Lord and become like the “wise man” in our parable of the two foundations. In all the wisdoms our Servant General wrote, there were common themes between each of them. The first being is to humble oneself. Humbling oneself leads us to dependence in God’s will and allowing us to be used by Him to greater heights. The second lesson is embracing the cross. Embracing in the sense that you will enjoy suffering as it’s natural to not want suffering, but embracing in a sense as facing your suffering believing that the Lord will work with you through this trial. The last lesson is less of me and more of God. The main reason why it’s so hard to follow God’s teachings is because we cling to the ways the world has taught us. If we truly desire to follow God’s wisdom and messages for us, we need to discard ourselves and allow Christ to take control of us.

If we truly embrace the teachings of Christ, expect that the world will indeed call us fools as people lacking in common sense and judgment. If becoming a fool means that we are living a life of holiness and living a life with Christ, then being a fool is indeed a great honor for us all.

Miguel Magtibay is a Full Time Pastoral Worker of MFC Youth serving as the Area Servant of NCR South and as the coordinator of MFC Youth – LCSC

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