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It was last July 27-28, 2013 that the Diocesan Youth Commission of the District of San Pablo (Laguna) celebrated with the WYD Pilgrim in Rio its locale celebration at Colegio De San Juan De Letran in Calamba City. It was attended by almost 15,000 youth gathered from all over the province within the participatory schools, parishes, districts and lay organizations including CFC YFL and CFC SFL who are asked to be part of the service team as Facilitators, Counselors and finally the community was asked to do Praise fest as part of the learning regarding the different types of Worships including the Neo- Catechumenal way and Taize.




It started with a pilgrim walk that entailed everyone the essence of Journeying with Christ in Friendship with Him and our co- pilgrims and ended at Letran grounds though it was cloudy and was drizzling as well, the pilgrims still pushes for it. It was indeed a sight of Faith that in everything that is happening, Faith and Hope in all good things and in the Lord prevails.

The program started with an opening remarks and followed by dancing the official WYD dance thought by the youth in different parishes, the night was also graced by the presence of a speaker from The Feast, who talked about the real meaning of friendship and family that in order to endure those kinds of Godly relationships one must keep it pure and genuine thru Prayers. There was also a talked show that allows the youth and the crowd to get to know our new bishop, His Eminence Bishop Buenaventura Famadico.

As the said programs flows it was also the time that pilgrims were able to go to confession and counseling led by the invited priests and CFC SFL happening at the university chapel , while back on the grounds, an inspirational talk was given by the Diocesan Youth Head, Fr. Reggie Mamaril who reminded everyone that Faith is founded in Love and that Love is God, a relationship with HIM makes everything including the mission of making Jesus’ known is bearable and it is in HIM only that we find consolation in all we that we do.

At around 3am in the morning of July 28th, it was the time that different worships were introduce to the pilgrims, it was spearheaded by the CFC YFL and CFC SFL band and dancers who had done a Praise fest led by Jopo Ciolo, the district servant of CFC YFL . It was such an awesome sight to know that it is God’s love that makes everything possible and good simply because He knows that we do it not just for HIM to bless us but for us to bless the name of the Lord as well.  After the Praise fest, the Neo Cathechumenal way and Taize follows respectively. It ended with a celebration of the Holy Mass and awarding of the plaques of appreciation. It was indeed a moment of reflection and thanksgiving for everything that the Lord allowed to happen that time.

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