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Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer).


Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations 
(Matthew 28:19a, NAB)

World Youth Day (WYD). 22 pilgrims from CFC YFL Sub-group journeyed in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil for 18 days celebrating the one Faith we have in one God.

The first seven days, from July 15 to 21, were spent for the Semana Missionaria (Missionary Week). The CFC YFL Sub-group was assigned at the Diocese of Petropolis and was hosted at the Capela Da Sao Pedro (St. Peter Chapel) of Paroquia Nossa Senhora Da Guia (Parish of Our Lady of the Way) at Praia Da Maua. This parish hosted three groups of delegates from different countries, namely, Philippines, Panama, and Venezuela.

CFC YFL Sub-group being received by our brethren Brazilenos at the Galeao airport.

CFC YFL Sub-group being received by our brethren Brazilenos at the Galeao airport.


Padre Carlos Caridade, presiding the Welcoming Mass for the Semana Missionaria at Paroquia Nossa Senhora Da Guia.


The Brazilenos showcasing their culture. Here they are performing the renowned Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music.


The Semana Missionaria culminated with a diocesan gathering of the Diocese of Petropolis. Pilgrims from the Philippines, Italy, USA, Spain, Argentina, etc., which were hosted by the diocese met as one in a series of praise and worships, catecheses, food booths, among others.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.


The final Mass of the Semana Missionaria for the whole Diocese of Petropolis.

The final Mass of the Semana Missionaria for the whole Diocese of Petropolis.


After the Semana Missionaria, we traveled from Praia Da Maua to the city of Rio De Janeiro (RJ). This will be the heart of the World Youth Day celebration. The CFC YFL Sub-group arrived at RJ on the 22nd of July. The group was hosted at Paroquia Sao Francisco Xavier.

Paroquia Sao Francisco Xavier, Tijuca, Rio De Janeiro.


Banner at the entrance of the parish indicating that the parish will have English catecheses and will host English-speaking pilgrims.


Relic of Saint Francis Xavier, patron saint of missions, at the parish.


Out of the 267 catechesis sessions, the CFC YFL Sub-group had the privilege to serve at one of these sessions during the World Youth Day. For three days, from July 24 to 26, the group was assigned to lead, facilitate, and animate a Catechetical site at Paroquia Sao Francisco Xavier. The themes for the three days of catecheses were: (1) Thirsting for hope, thirsting for God, (2) To be Christ’s disciples, and (3) To be missionaries: ‘Go forth!’. The group led the singing of the assembly at the Mass, the animation of the catechetical songs, facilitated the scheme for the Sacrament of Confession, etc.

Kuya Jo-i Villas and Ate Teny Mardo, fulltime pastoral workers, serving as emcees at the English-speaking catechetical site.


Leading the animation of the catechesis session.


The English-speaking pilgrims dancing the animation.


Padre Li (L), parish priest of Paroquia Sao Francisco Xavier, and Sean Cardinal O’Malley (R), speaker for day one of catecheses.


Kuya Gam Guarnes, exhorting the assembly of pilgrims into worship.


The Opening Mass was celebrated on July 23, with Archbishop Orani Jaoa Tempesta as the Mass Presider. On July 25, was the WYD Opening Message of Pope Francis. The following day, July 26, was the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross). On the Saturday of the week, July 27, was the Vigil with Pope Francis, which is supposed to be held at Campus Fidei at Guaratiba, RJ, but was moved at Copacabana beach instead. The next morning after the vigil, July 28, was the final Mass presided by Pope Francis.

Pilgrims walking towards the Copacabana beach.


Waiting for Pope Francis’ arrival at the Copacabana beach.


In every activity the group had Nossa Senhora Da Aparecida was there guiding and journeying with them.

Nossa Senhora Da Aparecida, pray for us.


The CFC Youth for Family and Life registered as a pilgrim sub-group under the Episcopal Commission on Youth-Philippines.

The CFC YFL Sub-group together with Bishop Joel Baylon, head of Episcopal Commission on Youth.


And some other photos . . .

The sister delegates of ECY-Philippines 3, i.e., CFC YFL, Assumption, and Dumaguete.


Theatro Municipal at Candelaria, Rio De Janeiro.


At the Copacabana beach after the final Mass.


Catedral Sao Sebastiao, the cathedral of the Archdiocese of Rio De Janeiro.


CFC YFL fulltime pastoral workers at the foot of the Cristo Redentor statue.


At the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain, the statue of Cristo Redentor can be seen.


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