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By Dylan Reyes
YFL Full Time Missionary

“Then our mouths were filled with laughter, and our tongues with songs of joy. Among the nations it was said, The Lord has done great things for them” Ps 126:2

Since 2007 our brothers and sisters in Southern Tagalog and Bicol have been actively restoring the relationships of the young people with their families, strengthening their connection with their parishes and most importantly, reviving their personal relationship with God.

This has been a great manifestation of how much the Lord has been blessing the lives and mission of our young people! From its simple beginnings, the Lord has already done great things for our brethren in the south! In just the span of two years this is how God has been moving our areas in the south!

District of Lipa

yfl lipaCFC YFL started in the Diocese of Lipa on November 24, 2007 during their Revive Conference. This was attended by 200 CFCYFL members who responded to God’s call of restoration. Since then the spirit was moving very fast in inspiring our brethren to evangelize the young people in their diocese. As a result they are now present in 5 out of 7 vicariates of the diocese. They were also harvesting 100-200 young people in every youth camps that they organized.

To sustain this harvest our servant leaders in this district consistently conduct chapter assemblies and household meetings which keep our members inspired and nourished! Also in order to support our young servants ,Tito Peter and Edda Carangdang (CFCYFL District Coordinators) organized regular Core Servants Assembly and various leaders training such as the Nehemiah Weekend and District Youth Congress which convict our leaders such as Deo Caiga to serve as the first mission volunteer of the district!

Because of these our leaders in this district have started to do mission not only in their province but also in other areas such as Masbate, Catanduanes and Occidental, Oriental Mindoro. This has also empowered them to involve themselves with the mission of the Church by actively participating in their respective PYM, Diocesan Youth Commission and QUEMARLABARO (The Catholic Church Association of Youth Ministry in Southern Tagalog).

From 200 members now we have 800 CFC YFL brothers and sisters in the district!

District of San Pablo

In October 2007 CFC YFL was launched in the Diocese of San Pablo during their 1st restoration Assembly in San Pedro, Laguna. 100 young people from all over the province attended this assembly and declared that they will answerer God’s call to do mission. This assembly was followed by their Revive Conference in December 2007 where the young people convict themselves to serve the Lord together with their families through CFC FFL and its ministries.

Since then Lord has been using our brothers and sisters in that district powerfully! This is evident through their massive and simultaneous summer youth camps which allow our community to be present in all 12 vicariates of the diocese. To sustain the passion of our leaders, Tito Art and Dory (CFCYFL District Coordinators) regularly conduct District Assemblies, Leaders Training, Nehemiah Weekends and other CFCYFL Pastoral Formation activities.

CFC YFL District of San Pablo is also one of the provincial areas who have a strong relationship with their Diocesan Youth Commission. That relationship allows our brothers and sister to partner with the diocese in organizing various regional QUEMARLABARO (The Catholic Church Association of Youth Ministry in Southern Tagalog), diocesan and parish activity.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit CFCYFL in this area has truly grown from a handful of members we now have 1000 brothers and sisters committed to serve the Lord.

District of Imus

CFC YFL was born in the Diocese of Imus on November 17 during their 1st Revive Conference. This conference was attended by 30 young people who will be the prime movers of the community in that province. Since then CFCYFL from the District of Pasig supported the training and nourishment of our young brothers and sisters in that area.

Because their desire to know and serve the Lord more CFCYFL District of Imus has grown through God’s grace. Right now we are present in eight out of 9 vicariates in the diocese with 800 active members. This growth was sustained by regular assemblies, household meetings and through consistent pastoral formation activities that is lead by the direction of Tito Jun and Susan Reyes (CFCYFL District Coordinator)

District of Gumaca

yfl gumacaOn October 10-12, 2008 in their youth camp at Gumaca National High School 13 young people make a commitment to follow Christ. This mark the beginning of CFCYFL in the Diocese of Gumaca! Since then Tito Kiko and Tita Guia Arcaya (CFC FFL Chapter Servants) have taken the lead to guide and pastor our young brethren in that province. By organizing various pastoral formations and because of their regular HH meetings and assemblies CFCYFL Gumaca grew from 13 – 50 active members! Following CFC FFL examples our young brothers and sisters in this district have actively serving the Church through their involvement in the PYM and Diocesan Commission on Youth.

District of Virac

On February 2008 CFCYFL started to minister to the young people of the Diocese of Virac! Through their 1st restoration assembly we were able to gather 50 youth who will be our community’s missionary in the province. Supported by various mission teams from Manila who trains and form our young servants of the province we now have 100 members present in Viga, Virac, Payo and Bagamanoc! Recently CFCYFL Virac has presented itself to the Diocesan Youth Commission who accepted us as a partner in evangelizing the youth of the Diocese.

District of Masbate

yfl masbateOn May 15-17 2009 in their youth camp at Cataingan National High School 50 young people from all over Masbate make a commitment to follow Christ. This mark the beginning of CFCYFL in the Diocese of Masbate! Since then Tito Jiji and Tita Fely (CFC FFL Family Ministry Head) have taken the lead to guide and pastor our young brethren in that province. Since their 1st youth camp the province are now preparing to establish CFCYFL in the towns of Dimasalang, Uson, and Esperanza. The passion of our brethren in opening new areas encourage us to present CFCYFL’s formation program to Diocese’s Vicar General who invited us to help out in the recollections and retreats of their Catholic schools.

In all of this, I believe that God is just starting with us! I believe that God has stored so much more and prepared many great things for our brothers and sisters to experience! I believe we are experiencing what St. Paul felt when he writes that “all things works for the good for those who love and serve the Lord” Rom 8:28.

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