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Camille Salazar

YFL Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas hosted last weekend’s Leader’s Summit. This weekend-long retreat not only served as a training for the leaders of YFL, but it also unveiled the light that has been burning in the hearts of the servants of this ministry from all over the nation.

The sessions not only outlined the roles we must fulfill as leaders, but, most importantly, they also reminded us of the posture we must have as servants of our brothers and sisters both inside and outside of this ministry. I personally realized that our calling is simply to live a life of holiness.

The desire to live this life of holiness is the fire that burns within all of us. The deepening of our relationship with Him through Fellowship, Prayer, Scripture, Service, and an active partaking in the Sacraments (the very spokes in Talk 5 of our Youth Camps) build for us an incredibly strong foundation. Eventually, this foundation is what will keep our lights burning; our lights may flicker, may grow dim, but it will never be put out.

This world, as we are all aware of it, has entered this culture of death. Abortion is legal. Media sells sex like some disposable thing. Suicide rates are increasing. During this weekend, I learned that it is God’s light that shines through us that will bring out the Truth about the sanctity of life and the healing power of unconditional love. But first, we must choose to shine. We must choose to fight for this light.

It becomes so easy to forget that servant-leadership is a wake-up call that a life of Christ, a life called to be set-apart is an everyday struggle. For as long as any of us are alive, leaders or not, we will always be called to be one with Him. Always. We cannot forget that this ministry is an instrument that God allows us to shine our light through, and simply to reveal to the rest of the members of our bigger family how great of a Father He is to us.

At that weekend, he placed all of us leaders on top of a mountain to have a clearer view of just how far down the bottom is so that we would realize how we are to go last as his servants. He placed all of us at the Summit to let us know just where He is calling us to be. We are the light of the world, may we truly shine before all (Matthew 5:16).

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  • Carlos Reyna

    WOOT!!! I WAS THERE!! 😀 God is truly amazing!

  • eddrich

    sarap tlga sa yfl org

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