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SHOUT 2013 for me was a completely new experience. 2 nights before the camp, I was informed that I was invited to join, and even though I was completely oblivious to what it really was, I said yes. That night was also the same night I found out that I was to be president of my campus and that SHOUT was the summer training camp for YFL Leader Servants. All this only on my 6th month as YFL member. It was all truly new but I figured my life needed something new.


Campus-based servants, together with Kuya Xavy and Ate Des Padilla.

Campus-based servants, together with Kuya Xavy and Ate Des Padilla.


And I did find this new thing. I found it in the cleaning of the session hall. The cooking of canned goods. The fixing of the beddings. The brotherly jokes and gags of my new found friends. But most of all, I found it in the talks that prepared me to become a leader servant. An evangelist. Brothers and sisters, this new thing I found was Christ.

It turns out Christ isn’t really that far. You don’t need binoculars to see Him. You don’t need good eyesight. All you need is a heart on fire. I can confidently say that SHOUT 2013, my first shout ever, gave me the fuel I needed to set my heart on fire. And wow it feels great. It feels so great that I have to share it with others. It would be a sin not too. That is why I have made it a goal to set as many hearts on fire, starting with my campus so that everyone can feel the warmth I feel right now. And for that may God be praised.

By Andy Gruet, District of Manila (Campus-based Program)

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