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We will abandon it all for the sake of the call. For me,this statement summarizes my SHOUT experience. Kung titignan yung updates ng iba ngayon, makikita mo yung vacation pictures nila, parties at get togethers and hindi ko maiwasang tanungin “na saan kaya ako ngayon kung hindi ako nagseserve?”. Do I really miss something while serving? After 5 years of service in YFL I can say that I missed a lot, but one thing is very clear for me; hindi ko ipagpapalit yung mga natutunan ko sa mga bagay na na- miss ko while serving and kung iisipin, sa dami ng natutunan ko, ako ba talaga yung may na-miss? While I was on my 2nd SHOUT, God continued to affirm me that I’m on the right track. 1st session pa lang, sinabi na God chose me to serve unworthy as I am. In serving God, hindi talaga mawawalan ng struggles and naging aware ako na yung iba rin may struggles din based on the sharing of my brothers.




During SHOUT, we are constantly reminded to have a good prayer time. We are asked to write down God’s message to us through the daily readings. For some reason parepareho yung message sakin. God’s message was that He will not leave us. Hindi niya tayo iiwan especially sa mga panahon na nahihirapan tayo in serving Him; Even when we had our LBS yun din yung lumabas na message. Sa gospel and first reading sinabi na madaming fears and confusions in serving pero He promised that He will send the Holy Spirit to guide us and to let us do things that we thought we could never do.
It is not easy to serve God. It never was and never will. Pagtawag pa lang sakin mahirap na kasi I have to sacrifice things and it is not easy. During the SHOUT sinabi din na hindi madali yung gagawin namin sa campuses namin. This was emphasized during the session “Mark of Discipleship”. To be a real servant of Christ, I have to deny myself, pick-up my cross and follow Christ. Sa panahon ngayon kung sasabihin mo ‘to sa iba, tatawanan ka lang. The mentality of the world today is that I can do anything basta masaya ako. Ito yung flow ng mundo ngayon. As aYFL servant, our difficult task is to change the flow. To start changing the flow, we have to change our own flow. We have to answer to God’s constant call to holiness. We have to abandon it all for the sake of this call. Mabigat pero we have to remind ourselves that when God calls, God equips. Dati God sent the Holy Spirit to His disciples to spread Christianity and it is not different from what is happening today. God sends the Holy Spirit to guide us and to provide knowledge, wisdom and people to effectively serve God and spread God’s call to others. With the Holy Spirit and our “yes” to God’s call, we will set the world on fire.
By Ivan Samaniego, District of Manila (Campus-based Program)
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