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High School-based Cross Encounter Immersions

The World Youth Congress 2015 (WYC 2015) imprinted in the hearts of the youth the value of giving and loving. It opened the hearts of the people to the concept of love which can be exemplified through giving. This life changing event was witnessed by different districts composing of youths and coordinators around the world. This includes the people under the High School Based program.


HS 4


On the 2nd of May this year, the team of the High School Based program put into action the learning they have acquired from the WYC 2015. The fire of faith that was lit on that three day event at Malolos, Bulacan blazed up to Tanza, Navotas. The whole team, with the help of the Campus Based Program, led the session called Usapang Bata, where they prepared an activity for the 90 plus number of kids that attended the event.

The kids and the whole service team gave praises to the Lord through dancing and singing, revealing their God-given talents. They shared a moment of laughter and fun through a game. Aside from the fun that was shared to the kids, they also learned about goodness through a talk. They are taught of how goodness can lead them into giving. They are told of how God’s love causes people to be good and to share goodness to others. The immersion ended when the service team graced the kids with goodness through giving food that was provided by God’s love.


HS 2


The High School Based team brought nothing but the desire to give, but they went home with a heart filled with more. The kids unveiled the child inside each person that served for the immersion that day. The immersion reminded them of what they lack; and how God replaced it with His blessings. Giving back is not really about gaining; it has always been about losing. You get to lose a part of yourself as you offer it to other people, but in the end you gain more love and genuine happiness.  The immersion showed that truly there is no needy person. Each and every one of us has been blessed by encountering Christ through another person who’s poor in various ways but chose to bless the world with all his or her emptiness. With the decision to give even there is nothing more to be left for oneself is a symbol of wealth. We are all filled to be emptied again. We are empty because we learned to love; we love because we first experienced love. HS Based family carried within their hearts all these learning. They are now more ready to take the humility to become poor, to be emptied so that others may be filled, all because God first loved us.

News-ed by Tina Rama
District of Novaliches, High School Program

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