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Imagine yourself entering a tunnel, escaping from everything outside, and just enjoying your time away from everyone. As you continuously walk, the surroundings started to get blurry and now you are alone in the dark. Realizing you were lost, you wanted to leave immediately, but can’t find a way out. Suddenly, there was this voice, you didn’t know whom, but you chose to follow. It guided you back to the right path until you see the light again. Uncertain whose voice it was, we all know in our hearts that it was God’s. 

This story reminds us of the parable of the lost sheep. When He chooses to leave the ninety-nine to find one wandering sheep shows how eager God desires to save His people. Looking back, I wouldn’t be the person I am today if God didn’t lead me to the MFC Community. I have drifted away, taken wrong roads, have made bad decisions, but I was welcomed with a warm embrace. This is my saving grace, God’s way of showering His relentless mercy upon me. We were all once a lost sheep and now that we were found, He is calling us to be a shepherd. 

Jesus offers his love and guidance to us as our shepherd, but He is also calling us to return to this gift to Him by offering this same kind of commitment to one another. His missionaries, He called us to take care of the people He entrusted us – to guide them as they reach their full potential in Christ; to be present in the ups and downs of their lives and to pray for them and with them. There where moments that we need to give much of our time when they are struggling with difficulty. It is not easy to help others in carrying their burdens when we can’t even carry our own, but this is what God has called us to do. He does not want anyone to bear their pain and sadness alone. Crazy it may seem, but caring for the people who reject our support is also part of the yes we had given. We still choose to will the good of another and desire nothing in return because this is what Jesus has taught us, to love unconditionally. 

One of the greatest examples of His unconditional love is Him laying Himself down for all of us – His flock of sheep. Unworthy as we are, He is willing to lose everything for our gain. We are sinful, we have turned our backs away from Him, yet he didn’t hesitate to give His own life to save us. As an MFC Youth, He is calling us to be a message of hope to those we lead. As much as assemblies, training, and other gatherings are necessary, a personal relationship with them is also important. Let us imitate and be inspired by the Good Shepherd. Let us allow Him to shepherd us so that we may also shepherd others.

Kim Denise Palayad is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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