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One of the crazy dreams of people is to fly. Why? Flying eases every hassle that we have in our life. If only we could fly, we can go to places and not spend a single penny on it. Also, flying solves the daily struggle of the commuters: traffic. Most importantly, flying is power. You are being looked up to when you are flying, and how great is that?

Haven’t we thought why angels have wings and humans don’t have? Is this a form of reward from God with all the good things that they have done? At first, I thought their wings symbolize their mission. 

When we say mission, we see ourselves boarding the plane, going to places, and meeting different kinds of people. And being an angel, it would be so easy to do a mission with their wings accompanying them. 

Why can’t angels do the mission alone? In our thoughts, the mission is so grand. Ships and waves. Planes and sky. Bus rides and fields. With this, people may see mission is only for those who are rich, smart, and have nothing to do. Why is God calling humans into a mission, especially when they are less, unable, and busy? 

“Things that are most impossible become easy where love is at work.” –St. Therese of Lisieux

Where there is love, there is salvation. Where there is love, there is a mission. The greatest denominator of the mission is love. If only there is love, we can do even the things we never imagine we can do: to fly. 

Looking back, you never thought God can change you. You never thought God can teach you to give without asking for return. You never thought that in your shyness, you are able to talk and share with the people. You never thought you could meet and be inspired by the lives of people around the globe. And you never thought that you are able to love even the unlovable. 

The mission is not just a place or an area. The mission is a person. You are that person. 

We know less than in mission, we are needed by the people, but the truth is – God is whom the people need. That we thought we are in mission to serve and convert lives. But the reality is, it is our lives whom God is serving and converting. 

Mother Teresa said, “Do small things with great love.” We don’t need wings to do missions. All we need is God and His love. Flying and touching the sky is possible because where you are, is where the sky is. So where you are is where the mission is. The mission is not about the number of places that you have been to but about the number of souls saved and touched.

With all these, I realized that you are truly flying when there is no great power from you but a great power from God. That we are not being looked up to, but it is God whom people look up to the sky. 

Chelsea Dolor is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions team.

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