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If it weren’t for the blessing of experiencing SHOUT, I know that my heart wouldn’t be as on fire as it is now. At first, I really didn’t feel like I was supposed to be in the SHOUT. I had doubts, fears and questions. I didn’t even know where my focus would be–campus-based or district? All of those things were answered one by one throughout those 6 days. I doubted that I was capable of ever being a good leader and therefore a good servant. But right away, my doubts were taken away by the first session, The Chosen Few. I was assured that I may not have chosen to be there but it was God who chose me to be there so that I may do His works. I knew I was weak, but I learned that we are all really weak if we are not with Christ.


Because of the gift of worship, and prayer time, I realized that in order to be excellent at anything we do for God, we must call on the Holy Spirit and let Him take over and use us as instruments of His love. Aside from all the nourishment I received from the sessions and all the skills from the workshops, I was constantly being reassured that I am not alone and through the gift of sisterhood, I would always have friends who are my sisters in Christ.  Everything that happened during shout was, for me, a testimony to God’s love and His greater plan for us.

By Pauline Cruz, District of Manila (Campus-based, University of Asia and the Pacific)

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