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Dear God,

2020 had been so hard for everyone that I didn’t imagine 2021 could be more challenging, well, for me. A lot has happened to me in the first three quarters of this year.  I left my first job, dealt with problems in our family, lost friends, and even tested positive with Covid-19.

From all the things I have experienced, You have heard me complain many times during my prayers. I have asked You endless questions and demanded answers right away. You have seen me create my path, trying to escape from all the hurts. I was like a stubborn child, saving myself from running away. But You are a loving father, arms wide open, waiting for my return. There were days I asked myself, ‘How do I even deserve You?’ I guess I won’t be getting an answer, but I want to Thank You.

Thank You for Your mercy. For forgiving me in the many moments I have sinned. For still choosing me despite all my failures and shortcomings. For trusting me, no matter how bad my decisions were. For welcoming me back joyfully every time I strayed from You. Thank You for never giving up on me.

Thank You for Your Love. For sending me a family who supports me in everything I do. For giving me friends, I can be vulnerable with. For embracing me during the nights, I cried myself to sleep. For being with me in the moments I felt alone. For watching over me every day of my life. Thank You for always making me feel special and for assuring me that You always have my back.

Thank You for Your Grace. For all the blessings You have bestowed upon my family and me. For giving me the courage to face my mountains. For healing me when I am hurting. For the times, you gave me what I needed instead of what I wanted. For reminding me that it is only You, I need. 

Thank You, Lord, for everything I have and for everything You have taken away.

I am placing my life in Your hands. I accept that it will not make things perfect, but I know having You in control will make my heart at peace. Let Your will be done in me, O Lord. 

Your forever grateful daughter,


Kim Palayad is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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