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It’s been 6 months since I was appointed to be the district sevant of Antipolo, and thing’s were pretty rough back then. First thing’s first, way back when i started attending in CFC YFL, I didn’t envision that I was gonna be a district servant, neither did i want to be one. Another thing is, I had no idea how to be one. Questions kept on flowing inside my mind, how does a district servant act? How does one speak? How does one dress? Or how does one crack a joke. I have many worries and uncertainties. But the Lord remained faithful, He didn’t leave me. Indeed when He calls, He does not only equip, when He calls, he knows exactly that, at that moment, you are the perfect man for the job.

I had no choice but to completely put my trust in Him. It was the year of faith afterall. Even if i didn’t know how to be a district servant, i gathered all the courage and stood up to His calling. Indeed it is not an easy task, I now have more meetings to attend to and I now have more souls to take care of. But what bothers me the most, is the idea of being incapable of doing what the Lord wants me to do. Will they listen to me? That’s the question that bothered me during my first days as a district servant. Days and weeks had passed, I came up with the answer, NO. It was an eye opener for me, that all along, it is the Lord who is working, all along He is with me. Again, He reminded me that He will never leave my side. The answer is no because, they will not listen to me, instead, they will listen to God. The Lord humbled me down, and also affirmed me that inspite and despite of our incapabilities, He can use us.

I was never the guy who would initiate conversations, i was always the quiet type. All along, i thought this would hinder me from completely obeying God’s work. But then, God always put me in situations where I need to initiate conversations, He would put me in front of many people. Little by little, im getting the hang of it, and little by little, starting to enjoy it. Then I came to realize I’m no longer that kind of guy who was shy. Oh how radical our Lord is. He can definitely turn our weaknesses into something beautiful, into our own strengths. All we have to do is participate in His great plans for us.

There are two things The Lord taught me so He may use me for His great work: 1) being always available. Yes I perfectly understand that we are all juggling these areas in our lives (family, school/work, friends, service, some also juggles with their love life, and other extra curricular activities that we are fond of). But the catch is, we must always be available for Him. Now how can we do that without any of these areas suffering? The key is Sacrifice. Jesus Christ did it first, it was nearly impossible for us to be salvaged and be reunited with God because of the original sin that our first parents committed, But Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so that we may be saved from our sins. Right then and there, we are reunited with God the Father. But we must also do our part. We must also learn to sacrifice. Sacrificing our time, talent, and treasure. We need to sacrifice these things to serve Him. 2) the willingness to learn. It was perfect for me, since I know nothing about being a servant of the Lord. Everyday in our lives, the Lord is speaking to us, and when He speaks, there is something He wants us to learn. Little by little, I learned the basics, the things I needed as a servant. But as I continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge, there is always something new to discover. We must be humble enough to accept that we know nothing compared to God’s wisdom. That’s why we must always seek Him in everything. We must seek Him during our prayer time, during our school or work, during eating, during walking, running, and in everything you can think of. In everything we do, we must seek the Lord, in the good times and as well as the bad times. Another is that, we must always trust the wisdom of our ates and kuyas as well as our titos and titas in the community. They are appointed by God to be there for us. We should always feel privileged to be guarded and guided by them. The Lord, most of the time, speaks through them, that is why we should always listen to them and learn from them.

These are the 2 things that I have been carrying since I said Yes to the Lord. Now, things are still not a piece of cake, but I am happy, blessed, and privileged. There will always be this feeling that others are better than us, but then again, we are the ones who are chosen by God to do His work, that’s why we must feel more privileged. Big things or small things, it doesn’t matter to our God. Because all of these please Him. We should always give our best shot in anything, may it be big or small, because what matters is that we do it for the Lord.




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