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Taft, Manila. — Last December 4, 2013 the CFC Youth for Family and Life (CFCYFL) Campus-based was invited to lead the Youth Night of Santa Isabel College, Manila. It was a night of encountering the Lord in different ways. The Youth Night is part of our evangelization effort; through this activity we shared what we experience in our community, as well as God’s love through dancing and singing worship songs to our Lord.



Kuya James Aguila leading the opening worship.



YFL DC performing the opening dance.


It was a very overwhelming night. The Campus-based team was amazed of what faith can really do as we witness non-community members worshipping the Lord. We know that all of us there were really moved and covered by God’s Love. We believe that this night, we have planted the seed on our college brothers and sisters to start to know God and long for his Love.


Kuya Kevin Remandaban, Campus-based Program Coordinator, giving the night's pep talk.

Kuya Kevin Remandaban, Campus-based Program Coordinator, giving the night’s pep talk.




The night was a night of sharing faith, hope, and love. A night of sharing the fire of love that’s in our hearts.

News-ed by Gabo Venturina, Adamson University Campus-based

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