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cfcyfl-wyc-2010-4Awesome! If I could describe 2010 that word best describes our year. The Lord showed us how powerful is He in so many different ways. We saw that He is the great I AM, the beginning and the end. The creator of everything, the giver of blessings and a personal friend we can always approach. But he did not stop there, this year He taught us, that amidst the suffering, the hardships that we go through, He is still there. He allows us to go through this things because he loves us and He knows that after every suffering, there is redemption. After every hardship, there is glory! What an awesome God we have!

He is awesome not only in our personal lives but to YFL as well. This year we conducted 80 youth camps in the Philippines during the summer. Yes you read it right, 80 camps in 2 months. Our ministry is growing. Schools, new provinces and areas are being opened. More and more people are signing up to be mission volunteers and Full time workers. Truly He is awesome to YFL.

The Lord is not done yet, He wants to bless us even more. He wants us to experience His power even more. But for us to experience that, we must respond to Him. His call to us, is love Him to the EXTREME! For us to fully experience is awesomeness in our lives, we must not hold back. We must take our love for the Lord to the higher level. Love Him not only through our words, or when we worship but truly be radical for Him in our daily lives in and out of the community!

As we end this year, i can feel the Lord saying, “you haven’t seen nothing yet!” The Lord has a lot of things in store for us. Individually and as a community. All we need to do is to be faithful. As tito frank said, “the fruit is up to the Lord, faithfulness is up to us.”

Prepare yourself for the time of your life. Get ready for in 2011 God will flex his muscles and show you how STRONG He is.

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  • melzar blanco

    so great and intense.. my eyes are drawn with tears of happiness.. Yes For Lord! ..

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