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by Giella Sanchez
CFC YFL Fulltime Worker

After given the opportunity to go on mission to Singapore last May, it was a fervent wish to return. The first leg of 2 weeks was just too brief. It was when we had our first ever YFL camp, and it was really exciting knowing the next months promise growth of not just the youth, but also the rest of the young ministries.

The Lord is truly faithful. It was truly a blessing when I heard that I will join the mission team before the year ends to Singapore. The mission that lasted for almost 3 weeks, was filled with Jesus-experiences.

It was such a joy to get to know the YFLs more as we prepared for their first ever service through the KFL Kids Camp. It was not only a time of discovering talents, but hearts yearning to know more about God. Amidst the many choices their progressive country offers them, community life is starting to be a priority. I also treasured the crowd activities we had for Shelton International for HS students. We had music and dance workshops for their Christmas celebration. It was a good time getting to know the students who were mostly foreigners in Singapore coming from China, Australia and Russia. It was surely God’s gift to be able to reach out to these youth, and be inspired as well to journey more with them.

Thank you Lord for another blessed mission! I truly realized that there are so many young people out there who are searching for something that would give meaning to their lives. There is no other better option to give them, than Jesus Christ Himself.

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    ..elow nnyo tnan nxt tym na xd ta kta2x..

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