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These past few months, I really felt and witnessed the grace and unconditional love of the Lord in my life. It all started when I seek God more through my prayer time, adore Him even more by exposing myself to the blessed sacrament, and always be in the state of grace by simply participating in His plans and desires for me.

I remember the last time I had confession, about a month ago, where the priest told me that for me to avoid or rather not to commit sin is to always stay closer to God and receive confession at least once a week just like what St. Padre Pio did; because what hinders us away to His grace and loving presence is our sins. That is why we have to have good confession as much as we can.

The priest also told me to pray the rosary for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And right after then, I am encouraged and inspired to pray the rosary as often as I can because it can bring real joy and spirit of being at peace. It also changed me to the point of experiencing positive effects in my life, faith, and perception.

I realized that being so much in love with God brings me to situations where I never imagined before. In fact, that love motivates me so well and deepens my relationship with my family. It also helps me to be more excellent in my corporate work. It also pushed me to my limit of serving Him away from my comfort zones to serve him in Ozamiz for the Northern Mindanao Youthfest.




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