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Iloilo City — Western Visayas Limitless Youthfest 2013. It is the place where different provinces from Western Visayas gathered last October 26 to 27, 2013 to experience its first ever Regional Youthfest 2013. The event was attended by more than a hundred youths all the way from Bacolod to Aklan. It was held at Sta. Teresa Prayer Center and Retreat House.




The first day started with an opening worship led by Kuya Jerome Bantang which set the hearts of the youths for the exciting events that will be happening during the day. In the afternoon session, series of workshops were given to our brothers and sisters: the Friendship Evangelization Challenge: The E-vangelization Project, Cool Catholics: Catholics Pray Like No Other, Pastoral Care and Worship Workshop.




The Friendship Evangelization Project (FEC) that talks about the importance of evangelizing and bringing other youths closer to God through the community was given by Miguel Magtibay to the general members. In the Cool Catholics workshop given by Ate Ira Seguenza, we were reminded on the deeper meaning of the different ways in praying as well as the different forms of prayer. Also happening simultaneously to the two events were the Pastoral Care and Worship workshop that was given by Ate Maan Garcia and Kuya Jerome Bantang to the top youth leaders. In the these workshops, they were taught on how to care for their members and being able to cater to their pastoral needs and how worship enables you to have a more intimate relationship with God.

The first session for the Youthfest was given by Kuya RJ Moriones. The topic was about being “Limitless in Christ”. Kuya RJ reminded us that being limitless in Christ and having that personal relationship with Him allows you to have a life of limitless possibilities. That if we allow Christ to live in us we open ourselves to the realization that God is calling us to be limitless and to live by faith until we can say that it is “No longer I but Christ who lives in me” (cf. Galatians 2:20). After the session, everyone had their experience  of God’s presence through the Exposition of the Holy Eucharist and was followed by a closing praisefest by Kuya Gam Guarnes. The evening ended with their hearts overwhelmed  with uncontainable joy.




The second day started with an opening worship led by Kuya Dexter from Aklan and the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. The second session, “Limitless in Faith” was given by Kuya Gam Guarnes. In his talk, he reminded us that in our lives we often find ourselves limited and we are not able to realize fully what limitless faith can do. Because of this, we should recommit our faith to Christ for us to be limitless again. The second day ended with a blast of faith as the delegates were all-out in the closing praisefest and danced the wildfire chant led by Miguel Magtibay.




The two-day event was indeed an experience of God’s limitless love for us. Through this event, we are constantly reminded that in our life, we may experience struggles and problems but we just have that limitless faith to a limitless God  we can experience a life of limitless possibilities.

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  • maimai

    After all the LIMITLESS time committed by the organizers, stress and challenges faced during the youthfest, still, we have ended the first ever Western Visayas Youthfest a promising success! Thank you ta all who had helped us especially to the CFC-FFL, CFC-SFL and to the mission team. Most of all to our provider, GOD.


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