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We all have our names, which can be used by other people to get our attention. Our names can be used to label what we possess. Our names originated from our parents, grandparents, or in whatever reasons or experiences our loved ones had. In short, our names are our identity.

This identity of ours goes hand in hand with our calling – it can lie around to what we love to do and what God wants us to do.

God called Mama Mary the name “Kecharitomene,” which means “Full of grace,” and she was entrusted to bear God’s child. Because of the call, despite all the circumstances that she will be facing, she declared her Fiat or simply put, her “yes” when she said, “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord, may it be done unto me according to Your word.”

Mama Mary’s answer inspired me since last year. So, I decided to put it on my mantra hashtag, #Fiat2019. Despite all my weaknesses and imperfections, I know that, like Mama Mary, I was made to answer and face a unique and specific calling.

I have gone through a lot last year. First, I was able to enroll in Graduate Studies, which was my dream, and I got the job that I was praying for a long time. From being assigned in Laguna for years, God placed me in the province of Rizal. And last but the highlight of my year was when I encountered an accident which has almost killed me. When I was brought to the Emergency Room, I asked the Lord if that was my last conversation with Him. A doctor went in, and when my eyes landed on his nameplate, which says “Dr. Buhay,” my heartfelt at peace, and I knew that God loves me so much, plus He is not done with me yet.

From then, I recognized that God is leading me to a greater calling. He was asking me to feel His love and let other people feel that they are also loved. 

Now, I am praying for the grace of God to overflow in my life. So that like Mama Mary, I can say my sweet “Fiat” in every day of my life. I know in my heart that this journey will never be easy, but I claim that in every single answer, like St. Therese of the Child Jesus, I will be able to proclaim my praises to God in everything that I do, in wherever I go and in whoever I will be with.

We can never deny the fact that everyone has a calling. In every call, there is a blessing, but remember, you can only hear the calling if you open your heart. You can only hear the calling if you know that someone is calling you. You can only hear the calling if you are humble enough to recognize that you are being called. You can only hear the calling if you know that you need to surrender everything to answer and respond. Now, the ball is in your hands. To whom will you rely on now that we are being called to love? To whom will you utter your “yes”? The calling is here and now. Are you ready to answer the call?

Jovel Autor is a Full Time Pastoral Worker for MFC Youth serving as the Luzon Mission’s Coordinator.

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