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It was March 2012 when I was called as Mission Volunteer, that same year I passed the Customs Broker Licensure Exam.  It was a privilege and a challenge to push myself to my limit on doing mission work and pursuing my career.

When this year started, I was hired in a multinational freight forwarding company. When I started working, the Lord had shown and revealed so many things.

1. Dependence on God Alone

I am a proud Batangueña and I have to move in Parañaque for my work. It was painful for me to spend my 6 days in a week away from my family (sometimes it becomes 7 days when [the] need arises).  God took me away from my comfort zone, which made me a better person. From that situation, I learned to live a life fully dependent on God. I became more prayerful and had an intimate relationship with Him. He is my life companion and guardian. He taught me on how to handle situations by myself and depend only in His plan. He fills me when I am empty; He makes me feel happy when I am sad.

This challenge in my life also taught me how it is hard to earn money for a living. I must say, I am lucky to belong in a well-off family but the Lord does not want me to rely and just depend on my family’s wealth. He is preparing me to live on my own and depend on His plans. He taught me of spending money wisely, that it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to be able to get my needs and wants. He is the best provider of all and everything will only come from Him.

2. Strength in God

Working in a corporate world is a roller coaster ride; there are a lot of ups and downs. It is hard, stressful, and exhausting. This is His way of telling me that weak as I am, He will give me strength. There were a lot of circumstances where I want to give up and just leave this job where I am employed to but the Lord keeps on telling me to be strong and learn more in this life. He is preparing me for more difficulties that may come in my way.

It was not easy to do office work and at the same time mission work. But the Lord is good that He were able to manage my time, so I can do both at the same time. I was able to see and witness His goodness in all aspect of the CFC FFL Community. It was also a privilege for me to serve others more than myself.

3. Be More Faithful

The Year of Faith is about to end, but our faithfulness must continue until forever. In this stage of my life, whatever it takes I’ll just cling only to His promise. I will let Him surprise me for more wonders of life. I might be rejected, I might fail but God is teaching me to deepen my faith. He taught me to look on things in a positive way because everything happens for a reason. Experience is the best teacher and I took everything as a lesson. With faith, I can do all things with great love and service.

I can say that God has showed me that I can do impossible things with His grace. I was able to do all these things because of His love for me. Life gets hard but I know I can be tougher because of Him. I will let Him in my life, to direct and control. These things made me a strong woman and I thank Him for everything. Because of these I am able to face my life without regrets and nothing to hold back.




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