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Our strongest weapon is not physical but spiritual, in the form of prayer. As we go along this crisis, this is the best time to revitalize ourselves with Mama Mary in the prayer “Hail Mary.”

Hail Mary, full of Grace

                Our Lady truly is full of Grace. This grace, according to Biblical Theology, is also known as the ‘unmerited favor of God toward man.’ She was bestowed by this grace, for she is free from the stains of sin. This grace is evident and is overflowing – by reciting the Holy Rosary, countless times, we are saved by this grace. Countless times, we are saved from wars, saved from dictatorship, and even, in our tough moments, we are saved (e.g., safe travels, sick family members got healed, and even battling our temptations). These situations seem impossible for human comprehension, but by grace, we are saved. Maybe, it’s a good time to reflect on the times when we sought help and experienced these moments that we feel that we are “Saved by Grace.”

The Lord is with you

                As I am writing this article, I can still remember the logo that we have in our alma mater – Marist School, and it says “ADJESVM PER MARIAM,” which means “All to Jesus through Mary.” Almost 19 years have passed and still value this logo, what a strong and powerful statement it is. The Lord is with you, the Lord is with Mama Mary, and our Dear Mother will lead us closer to her Son, Jesus. What kind of mom would not want her son to have friends? Of course, she wants us to be friends with Jesus.

*Side Note: If there are students from Marist who are reading this article, please be proud and study the logo that we have, it is truly rich!

Blessed are you among women

                Quoting from the Catholic Daily Reflections, “Mother Mary is the Queen of all Saints, but she is also the Queen of all sinners and Queen of those striving for holiness. She is the Mother of All the Living and the Mother of the Church. In God’s providence, she continues to carry out her unique role of visiting those in need on a daily basis.” She is beyond blessed among women, for she is precisely the “Mother of God.” As blessed among women, she redeemed humanity and showed that we can still be trustworthy as His creations, by showing utmost obedience compared to our first parents who disobeyed God.

Blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus

                Blessed is the fruit of her womb because the fruit of the womb is Jesus Himself. It is part of the completion of Jesus’ mission for us – the word will be made flesh and will dwell among us. But to attain that, a blessed calling is required, and a blessed answer should be the response that Mary gave through her FIAT. What is Mary’s Fiat? It is her YES to God’s call.

 “Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to Your word.” – LK 1:38

Holy Mary, Mother of God

                Our Lady, even when she is the Mother of God, still maintained her deep humility in God. All of these, she was considered as God’s grace, and that made her part of the propagation of God’s work on earth. Mary could’ve told the public that she is the mother of God, and she requires special attention or special command. But she did not. She knows her place and knows that she is just “the handmaid of the Lord.” Truly she is Holy, she is the mother of God. That’s why the evil has no match against Our Lady, as she is a complete opposite of Satan, who is prideful. So when temptation comes, call upon Mama Mary, and for sure, she’ll make it a point that you’ll be safe.

Pray for us Sinners

                Quoting again from the Catholic Daily Reflection, “Mother Mary is the Queen of all Saints, but she is also the Queen of all sinners and Queen of those striving for holiness.” Our Dear Mother does not separate us from her Son, she is the one who encourages us to go back to Jesus, and she prays for us to do so. She never fails to warn us and to remind us that the only way to everlasting life is Jesus.

                As Our Mother prays for us, we should also do our part to pray for one another, most especially in the crisis that we are moving in these days. As the COVID-19 makes its way towards our fear, we should remember that we have this powerful weapon that casts out all fears, anxieties, and uncertainties – and this weapon is the Rosary. Sinners as we are, Our Lady wants us to hold her hands by praying the Rosary, and as we hold on to Mama Mary tighter and tighter, we won’t have the chance to hold off anymore until we reach our end goal who is Jesus.

Now and at the Hour of our Death

                Our Mother brings us salvation, that everlasting life is real. Remember that she has already experienced life here on earth, and has already ascended in heaven, body, and soul. Thus, she knows how to attain the life that we long for. So, whatever you are going through right now, no matter how hard our situation is, Our Lady knows it, and she is with us and will look after us. As the saying goes, “Mothers knows best.”

These tough situations may be our mini “deaths” in life. Our life here on earth is not easy, but we are being reminded by Our Mother that we are only here temporarily – what we should prepare for is not only the earthly investments but also the heavenly.

Kino Manalo is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Mission’s team.

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