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We live in a moment where everything is instant. Instant cash through ATMs, Instant food or instant coffee, instant information due to technology, and worst instant, someone who we think they can love us back. We live in a generation where everything is at a fast pace. We want everything done quickly. We tend to become impatient because it brings us hassle or delays us to do our work in our daily lives. These instances also prompt anger, frustrations, and hopelessness if it does not satisfy us.

On the other side, amidst accelerating surroundings, there is someone who takes the inconvenience because they have no choice. Some wait for the promotion where they put all their efforts just to be in that position, some wait in the long lines of jeepneys to go home, some wait for the results of their exams to choose where they will be in college, some wait for the item they ordered, some just wait for their family to come home. We wait for the grandest and smallest things because it suffices us. We wait even if it’s hard.

I, too, struggle in the season of waiting in different areas of my life – in my career path, when I rush working in a company without discerning properly, after failing the board exam instead of waiting for a good opportunity to come. Also, in love, I entered into a relationship and compromised waiting back when I was in high school. It was a happy feeling to have someone who made you know that you’re special. I thought that it will last longer, but it did not. These different experiences taught me the concept of waiting. Who should I be while waiting?

In waiting, we expect something to happen. We want to be reserved for the purpose. Waiting is tiring. Our patience is tested, but all of this waiting is part of the process of preparing and developing ourselves to be a better person. In waiting, we were taught to trust and cling to the promise of the Lord – His plans are greater than our plans. It is difficult to wait, but when we wait, we know that it is sweeter.

In Psalms 27:13-14, it was stated, “I would have despaired unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living. Wait for the LORD; Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for the LORD.”

In the passage, it’s affirming that in our waiting, the goodness of the Lord will flow. My waiting can be weary, hard, and difficult, but God is in the waiting, not at the end of waiting. He’s always coming. He wants us in the process, to have a deep answer in our longing in our heart. He wants us to be courageous as we wait for the overflowing grace of the Lord. We are confident in the promise and holding on to it as we stay faithful to Him.

In this season of waiting, I learned to seize in the present. We should slow down, take time to enjoy, be grateful for the graces bestowed upon us through our families, friends, and in our daily lives. Be open to the gifts of the process. Be steadfast. It is to stay in the presence of the Lord as we wait, to be anchored to Him always, and to remain the fire burning in our heart as we serve Him. Lastly, to surrender all that we are and believing that His judgment and timing are always perfectly good. Even during that long road of silence, God cares deeply for us. God can make all graces abound to you. God is God of seasons, and we are only in the winter [Seasons by hillsong]. Let the waiting process be fruitful. Allow Him to shape you.

Vanessa Dacut is a Mission Volunteer from MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Mission’s team.

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