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We today are living in the midst of war between the good and evil and we cannot escape in this reality. From the moment we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we enter into a spiritual battlefield. This book reminds us we struggle, not against the things of this physical world, but against spiritual powers of darkness. We’re drawn into an inevitable battle because we have an enemy that hates us, and is out to destroy us. 

God said in the book of John that He is the way, the truth and the life, but the enemy is continuously destroying this word of God. Nowadays, the people of God are confused and being misled by evil to the way that is away from God. Truth was being distorted specifically in terms of our faith, family and life. Lastly, the life that we have is being attacked. That is why the call for all of us is very clear to always make a strong stand in defending faith, family and life. It will happen if we embrace our identity as Holy Warriors. Being called to be set apart and living a life with God.  

All of us have a choice, you can either choose to fight in this war; which might get you hurt or be a spectator and be a casualty of war. Either way I assure you that victory in this war is ensured by God. We are already won by His blood.

We are Holy warriors and we fight for our faith, our family, and for life! We fight not on the level of excitement, but of commitment for this will be a long war. We are willing to fight even if the battle gets tough! We are his warriors!

We are Holy warriors and we choose to be brave amidst the hardship of the battle. We know that war is always bloody. We are willing to suffer, even death, so that others might live! We are his warriors! 

We are in a war, and in order to be engaged in spiritual warfare, we must always be connected to our Commander-in-chief who is God.

We are to live and die only for Him. In a world full of darkness and lies, He must be fully be alive in our lives!

 “Lord, be our strength as we attempt to live for you in this world. Help us Lord to overcome the enemy with your power. Help us see things through the eyes of faith so as not to be deceived by the devil. Be with us as we fight sin and temptation, and let us always live for your glory.”


Karlo Marbida is a Full TIme Pastoral Worker at Missionary Families of Christ. He serves as the Youth Coordinator of the Luzon Missions Team.

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