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We will never exactly know how and where God will lead us when we give our “yes” to Him. What is only certain is the truth that He will sustain us with His grace and that we will experience true fulfillment if we choose to follow Him.

I had so many doubts and questions when I was called by God to a new service this year. I knew many things about myself, my shortcomings, and my weaknesses, but God has seen more than what I can perceive. He called me not because of what I can do, but simply because He loves me so much that He wants me to be with Him in Heaven someday.

Being a part of this community has allowed me to know and love the Lord. I have heard and encountered so many stories about our inspiring brothers and sisters. I have seen how God has used me and others to do His mission, but there is one thing that I asked God to help me with as I said yes to Him as a Mission Volunteer:

“Lord, don’t prepare me to be great. Please prepare me to learn.”

Online meetings and activities every week may double or triple in frequency, but Lord, help me to be teachable and to see how You want to change me as I do these things. 

Servants are expected to know so much about doing the mission. We are expected to work well under pressure or to stay brave when confronted with challenges. But, as I was being prepared by God for His calling, He made me realize that being a missionary is not about being sure and confident about everything. Being a missionary is not about what I can give, it is only about God. It’s not even about doing everything perfectly or not making any mistake, but putting my whole trust in Him because He can do good things in my littleness. 

Indeed, God listens to our sincere pleas. But God’s answer to this prayer of mine would often come in painful ways that ask me to deny myself. For the past months, I have learned so much. I have been in situations where my pride was crushed and my heart was humbled. There were many times that I was silenced by accepting my fault and would see God’s mercy reaching out for me. He has given me enough grace to admit that I need help from others. Before, I was afraid about not knowing how to do everything, but God has been helping me to be humble enough to be corrected and guided. The process is difficult, but it purifies me. 

Lord, thank You for leading me to where I can learn and not to where I will only be full of myself. Thank You for reminding me that being Your servant is about living a life of humility and holiness. Teach me, Lord, in the time and manner You desire for me. Help me to see these opportunities to be humbled as Your gentle ways of preparing me for Heaven. 

Deliver me, Jesus, from every occasion that will not bring glory to the Father. 

Azenette Samson is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the region of Visayas.

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