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WYC. Three letters that gave me a new experience. Three letters that changed the way that I think. Three letters that brought my faith to new heights.

When I was first asked on whether or not I wanted to join the event, I obviously wanted to go. It seemed, at the time, to be such a big event. And as I guessed, it was. We left for Baguio on a Thursday night. And to be honest, a very long night it was indeed. Our flight was Thursday night, and we landed at Clark International Airport at around 11pm. Then proceeded the long and tiring van ride. We could barely sleep. Then on Friday morning, we went around tired and all.




But, the Lord gave us strength. We managed to go through a restless day. We were given the chance to go around Baguio. And doing so we got to see the main tourist attractions. Finally we had got to go back to our accommodations. Thanks to our wonderful Kuyas and Ates, we got to stay at an amazing place. Thanks to them, the event went smoothly. The event continuously surprised me. Whether it was what they prepared or what they did. And because of this, it made the event an all the more blessed experience.

As the day of our flight drew nearer, I was filled with more and more excitement. But I was also more and more reluctant to go. The thought of having to leave my family behind, even though it was merely a four-day trip, it was nonetheless scary. I didn’t think ahead about what I would have to manage or deal with. And it constantly had me thinking about whether I should back out or not. But I kept praying. On the way to school. Before I slept. Every chance I got. I asked for guidance. For help whenever I would be in need.

I asked Him to guide me especially because I would be far away from my loved ones. And God answered. When I was there, I didn’t have any problems throughout the duration of me being away from them. And although I wasn’t with my family, God gave us a new family to be with. All the foreign, and local delegates became part of our extended family. Through the events, the talks, the songs, the cheers, the tears, the toils, the troubles, the pains, the differences, the whole congress, through it all, we became one, we became YFL. We are family.




The theme of this year’s WYC was: Saints, Martyrs, Warriors. Three simple, but important words. Three words that have a completely new meaning to it now. First we were told that we are called upon to be Saints in the making. We were called not only to be ordinary YFL, but holy YFL. We need to show that we are truly worth becoming “RADIKAL” witnesses. Next we were to become Modern Day Martyrs. Just like Pedro Calungsod. Just like any other martyr in history. We had to be selfless and we had to refrain from being selfish. Selfish in time, lifestyle and service.

Temptations could cause us to be inactive or to stray away from serving the Lord. But we need to be strong and fight away sin and temptation. And finally we were called to join God’s revolution. To join God and his army. To be warriors. Not to be watching from the sidelines. We were told that the spiritual battle is real in the world. Many things go against the will of God. And we need to be the tools for God to spread His works and evangelize. We can do so in many ways, through all the activities that the YFL organize, worldwide acknowledgement is the end goal. And through all this, we can make everyone “RADIKAL” witnesses.

And finally, I’d like to thank all the Kuyas, Ates, Titos, and Titas that made this amazing experience for me possible. Through all that happened and all I’ve learnt. May God be praised.

Shared by EJ Anonuevo, YFL Hong Kong

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