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I just want to share the life-turning event that happened.

It was CFC Youth for Family and Life’s World Youth Congress 2014 held at Baguio City for 3 days. That weekend blown me away.

For the first day, we worshiped under the rain, feeling God’s love pouring all over us, wetting us with His unending grace. What happened still gave me shivers and smiles when it slides my thoughts. Second day, rain still poured hard, and the session area was covered with mud. There was no choice but for everyone to stay at the bleachers. But that did not stopped the faithful hearts of YFL. We praised Him and danced everything out, to honor The Father. That really struck me, YFL is indeed strong, all-out lovers of Christ, MARTYRS.

Then it happened. The most unexpected thing that happened. I wanted to be honest and told one of my Sisters that I haven’t prayed whole-heartedly yet, in fact, I just slept during the Holy Hour. It bothered me. I cried it out that I was selfish enough to take for granted the kindness of the Lord in my life. I just felt guilty. Then for the last day of the Conference, I prayed my hardest, I asked for forgiveness and just thank the Lord for continuing to let me feel all His love, with the thought that I am not worthy. I sang my soul out and praised Him, and something suprised me. I was able to pray in tongues. I just wanted to experience that greatness. And God never failed, he gave me the gift on that day, I can still remember how I felt Him embrace me and say “Anak, tanggap kita kahit kinakalimutan mo ako, kahit makasalanan ka” I cried, I cried everything out. Not out of sadness, but I cried out of ecstacy. Out of the fact that God loves me enough to take me back again and again though I forget Him oftenly.

I will never forget what happened in those days. Doubt ended, and I know, deep down of me, I have a very very strong relationship with Him, that I wanted to everyone on Earth experience. It is the happiness that money couldn’t buy, IT IS THE HAPPINESS THAT GOD CAN ONLY PROVIDE. And now, I can truly say, I AM READY TO BE A WITNESS, I AM A SAINT IN THE MAKING, I AM A MODERN-DAY MARTYR, I AM A SENT WARRIOR, ALL FOR THE LORD’S GREATER GLORY.




Shared by Chrisza Joy Carrido, District of Lucena

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