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“The valiant one whose steps are guided by the LORD, who will delight in his way, may stumble, but he will never fall, for the LORD holds his hand.” – Psalm 37:23-24

Living a life like no other is not always easy, especially at times such as these; sometimes it is downright hard. For instance, you may be experiencing some sort of adversity in your life today. You may not be exactly where you want to be physically, emotionally, intellectually or even spiritually, especially in this time of pandemic. You may have someone close to you who may be hard to get along with. Or maybe, you are experiencing trials right now. Regardless of how you are doing or what’s happening in your life, we shouldn’t use it as an excuse to live in discouragement and despair.

Know that the tough times in our lives are opportunities for us to grow more. That’s when our faith is strengthened and stretched. That’s when God is at His utmost work in us. Most of the time it is uncomfortable, we may not like it, but if we keep the right attitude, God promises to use that difficulty for our good and for our good only. He’ll use it for our advantage.

If God were to remove all those difficulties, you wouldn’t be ready for what He has in store for you. I know that it can be hard to understand. We think, Lord, why am I in this kind of situation? Lord, why do I have to do things that others can’t appreciate?

We might have this mindset but the better attitude would be, “Lord, I know that You are the greatest artist. I’ll let You draw my life in the manner You want me to live it. I’ll hold on to You in every moment of my life because You know what is best for me.” Our faith is like our muscles. It grows stronger through resistance. It is exercised when it is stretched. Like our muscles, it does not become strong in an instant. The Lord uses those trials to build our “spiritual muscles”.

The scripture above says that the Lord guides a strong man’s steps and keeps him firm. It is a constant reminder that you have been built strong all this time. He will always be at our side no matter how hard and difficult the situation we face right now may be. The faith that has been built strong is the faith that can never be shaken again easily. 

Dranreb Animas is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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