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Miracle Awaiting


I would often catch myself questioning things in life. Why now? Why not later? Why later? Why not now? And then I realize that for one moment, I forget about the Lord of my life. I forget about the good things He has done for me. I limit His greatness. I underestimate His power.

But with His unfailing mercy, God wakes me up and tells me to stop asking all these questions and to start trusting Him all the more. Trust that He is in control. Trust that He is bigger than all of my questions. Trust that He is God. Beautiful how it all works. You forget Him, He pursues you. You trust less, He loves you more. And He will do this over and over again. Amazing is His love.

God has been reminding me that there is beautiful wisdom in everything that is happening in our lives. And that wisdom He will reveal in His own perfect time. And when this wisdom is revealed, we praise Him for the gift of making us the trusting people we have become. We thank Him for not revealing it to us at once for that uncertain moment made us grow in our faith more. We praise Him for uncertainty for it is in such that He becomes our only certainty.

Why me? Why now? Why this? Why that? Stop asking. Just do what He tells you to do. Period. No questions asked. And for certain, the promise of great miracles will happen right before your eyes. And you will be amazed that even greater than the miracle you seek will be the miracle you become. We are all miracles waiting to happen. You are the miracle you are waiting for. All it takes is for us to trust Him and to do whatever He asks from us. All it takes is for us to fearlessly live out every moment in accordance to His loving and perfect will.




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