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Yeah it could be silly and ridiculous for someone if I will say that the whole YFL Conference is already a memorable one for me. No one can argue with that simply because that was my FIRST TIME and so as the District of Ozamiz. But [for me] the most memorable segment/experience during the WYC 2013 was during the first session with Ate Joy as the speaker. One complete and definite YES to the Lord will make your life never the same again and, will really never be the same again and again.


Deep inside I realized that Jesus is just patiently waiting for me to say YES for the service and Yes for making Him the center of my life! I admit naging walwal ang buhay ko noon and now I am turning 180 degrees from the place [where] I stood before. The conference just brought me a WILDFIRE. [The] YFL CONFERENCE was a blessing in disguise! Happy to say, I am motivated, ignited and blessed by my Lord! And now, I am really spreading the fire in my district and sooner it will penetrate to the whole [of] MINDANAO! God bless!

By Marvhel Marata, District of Ozamiz

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  • Je Rick

    waah!? bat nanjan ako !?? hehe deeh special tlga yan si marvhel and si thom sakin hihihi ^_^ May the Lord guide you and stay with you all always as you all spread the fire of faith in your places ^_^ keep saying yes to our Lord and He’ll also definitely keep saying yes to you ^_^ you all from Ozamis will always be in my prayer ^__^ God bless always brothers ^__^

    • Marvhel Marata

      Ahahah. . Mas maganda nga bro na tayong tatlo eh. .heheh. . Baxta for the next WYC diyan parin kami sa inyo lalagi lalo na pagmay.time. .

      Same to you brother and to your community! May the Lord help us as we boost our districts. .God bless! 😀

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