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Parañaque City, Metro Manila. – The District of Parañaque give a resounding battle cry as they celebrate their first District Youth Conference in the Metro.

For the first time, the District of Parañaque held its District Youth Conference, entitled ‘SUGOD’, at the Universal College Parañaque, last 19th of October. The District, with its five clusters, Sta. Rita de Casia, San Matrin de Porres, San Antonio de Padua, Saint Joseph and Our Lady of the Abandoned, managed to rally over 380 YFL’s to come to the said event.




Upon registration, the members received freebies included in their IDs, which includes a notepad, a ball-point pen, pieces of paper for activities, and ‘SUGOD’ pins, all were encased in a waterproof ID holder.

The event had two sessions: the first entitled, “Modern Saints and Martyrs”, the speaker was Ate Gem Itao; the second, “Fearless Warriors”, was given by Kuya Gam Guarnes.






In the first session, the reflection activity asked the members to put paint on their hands and make hand prints on canvasses, signifying their answer to God’s rallying call to sainthood and to martyrdom for our faith.




In the second session, a “cedula” activity was conducted, wherein the youths were asked to write the fears that hindered them from serving God on the pieces of paper inside their kits and were later told to rip these pieces of paper and throw them into the air.




After the said activity, the assembly was led into praisefest, wherein the worship leader asked each clusters to form circles and to pray over their cluster servants. This signified their support for their servant leaders who will lead the whole cluster into their battles on their respective areas.





Right after the praisefest, the  Holy Mass was celebrated. It was presided by The Reverend Father  Jeff Manlapig. Fr. Jeff emphasized three points: God called us; God will strengthen us, and God will arm us. The event ended with the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and all the youth really felt Jesus Christ’s presence in the venue. All members were reminded that in whatever battle they will face, what they need the most is the strength that comes from Him.




The DYC successfully echoed to the members, the message that was imparted to the youth leaders last summer in the World Youth Congress that was held in Baguio.

CFC YFL Parañaque rallies the youth to face their fears and ‘SUGOD’ for the Lord.

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