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The Act of Prayer: t

Many times, I hear these words when a speaker prays before giving his or her talk, when people in the community prophecy, and when people are asking for an answer from God. Eventually, I adapted that and it became one of my favorite prayers. It is a prayer that carried me throughout my journey as a missionary; a prayer that I hope speaks to you as well today. 

March 15, 2020- this was the day when the lockdown started and unfortunately, one day before that I passed my resignation letter at my job because I discerned to look for a better opportunity. I was so hopeful that day that maybe it was the start of my growth in my chosen career. Until months passed by, there was nothing new in our situation and no news from the job that I was excitedly waiting for. I felt like everything just gets worse as the days pass by. The number of positive COVID 19 patients are still rising. As it was rising, I was on the other hand falling, figuring out what my future will be.

Many of you may be afraid of uncertainty and I am too. I am used to having all things scheduled on my planner and everything going on just according to my plans. But because of the circumstances, my planner became just a piece of paper waiting for me to put some color on it. Like my life, I want to put color to it but I could not do anything.


“Speak to me, Lord”

In this part of the prayer, I ask for God’s guidance in all things that I will do and I am waiting for God to give me specific messages for Him to lead me.

I was torn between finding a job aligned with my profession or just finding any alternative online. So many ideas came up. I thought of trying jobs not related to teaching even though it was not the desire of my heart. But I know that deep within, I wanted to fulfill my mission as a teacher. 

I wanted to take part in those who continue to strive hard in the educational new normal. God eventually answered my prayers. I was not hired for the previous non-teaching jobs that I applied for. But instead, after four months of waiting and praying, a teaching job was offered to me. I prayed for it and I know it is God who planted that desire in my heart, and I am more than happy to accept and embrace it.


“Your servant is listening”

Finally, at this part, I come before the Lord with all humility to take in everything that He is telling me to do and to surrender. I was just so blessed that He showered me with blessings – my job, my mission, and my family. It is true that when you listen, you will understand. I patiently listened to His words. There are times that He tells me so much and also times when He’s just silently listening to my cries. I now realize that God’s calling for me to be an educator is His will for me. Even though there are times that I want to quit and to stop dreaming, God is still dreaming for me; fighting with me through all my fears and doubts.

It is always said that prayer is our communication with God. It is our personal time with Him which gives us comfort and peace of mind. But in my case, prayer is always one way of regaining my hope in times that I doubt myself. I prayed just like what His servants did and He has given me these blessings that I am now embracing and sharing with others. 

May we all find that consolation in prayer. No matter what will be the answer of God- may it be a yes, a no, a maybe, or even silence. May we entrust everything to Him and know that He surely hears you and His works will be with you in the perfect time of His. He will not fail you, just pray and pray and pray and you will be repaid. God bless you!

Jesusa Castillo is a Mission Volunteer of MFC Youth serving in the Luzon Missions Team.

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